Monday, May 3, 2010

Ask COSFBA: The Jay Edition

In a historical first, Jay asked me the following question (via email):
Advice for my team? 10 Team H2H 25 Max

Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you had any inputs as to how I could improve my fantasy team.Who to drop/add on wires.Who is tradeable and can get a return of what will fill a need.That sort of thing.Holds and Losses don't count.

C - Brian McCann
1B - Mark Reynolds
2B - Dustin Pedroia
3B - Chone Figgins
SS - Alex Gonzalez
OF - Matt Holliday,Michael Bourn,Shane Victorino
UTIL - Andre Ethier,Michael Cuddyer
BN - Magglio Ordonez,Adrian Beltre,Josh Willingham,Raul Ibanez
DL - Jimmy Rollins

SP - Yovani Gallarado,Ubaldo Jimenez,Adam Wainwright
RP - Billy Wagner,Matt Capps,Neftali Feliz
P - Alfredo Simon,Frank Francisco,Ryan Dempster
BN - CJ Wilson,Felix Hernandez

Waiver Wire Options
C - Napoli,Doumit,Molina,Olivo,Barajas,Rodriguez
1B - Jose Lopez,Loney,LaRoche,Swisher, Nick Johnson
2B - Wigginton,Hudson,Callaspo,Rosales,Kennedy
3B - Freese,Rolen,Bautista,Kouzmanoff,Blake
OF - Venable,Podsednik,DeJesus,Kearns,Delmon Young
SP - Fister,Livian Hernandez,Jaime Garcia,Marcum,Pavano
RP - Hoffman,Meek,jhoulys chacin,Frasor

First off, you have a pretty healthy roster already and assuming you're near the top of your league so far. And if that IS the case, I'm not sure why you'd wanna drop or trade anyone at this point.

Where can you do better? Not sure your team has a need for Beltre on the bench since you have Reynolds and Figgins rostered. Figgins has struggled, so dropping Beltre to pick up Adam LaRoche and sliding Reynolds over to 3B might be a nice option. Ibanez is another guy that could be droppable for a Wigginton that gives you position versatility and an additional home run  threat to play in favorable match ups.

As far as pitching goes, again, not much room for improvement unless you wanted to use the Dempster slot (only 1 win but nice ratios) to rotate streamable pitchers (which your league looks to have many of those available: Marcum, Fister, Garcia, Pavano).

In a league that seems to have so much depth available on waivers, the best strategy would be to find those few roster spots that you can sacrifice to rotate in the guys that are hot. Head-to-Head leagues are about winning now, so waiting for a Beltre or Ibanez to heat up could cost you in the short term and they will probably be available in the long term on waivers (or the equivalent).

Hope this information helps and I really do appreciate you turning to me for advice.

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