What is COSFBA?

First off, COSFBA stands for Colorado Springs Fantasy Baseball Addict and was originally started as more of a personal journal than a fantasy baseball blog. In its infancy (March 2008), this "site" was initially called Confessions of a Colorado Springs Fantasy Baseball Addict and used as a space where I could go to simply rant and rave about all the things I loved and hated about fantasy baseball, specific players and/or trends I saw within the game itself. I had also created a Yahoo! Group called Colorado Springs Fantasy Baseball Addicts (plural) in the hopes of using that tool to meet other people in the area addicted to fantasy baseball like I was (am) to compete against them in leagues. There was no Facebook or Twitter at the time, at least not that I was aware of, to use to reach out to strangers with a common addiction to the game I loved playing.

After writing for several months in relative obscurity, other than the few friends and family I forced to read my words while I stood over their shoulders waiting for any kind of feedback, I deleted my blog and decided fantasy baseball blogging on my own wasn't for me before taking what little talent I thought I had over to the now-defunct Fantasy Hurler with this initial post in August 2008.

I wrote for the good folks at The Hurler through the end of the 2008 season and into the early part of the 2009 season, but it always had the feeling to me like I was a house guest who had overstayed their welcome on a friends couch while waiting for their new home to finish being built. I gracefully bowed out of the fantasy baseball blogging business (can you call it a business if you continually make no money off of doing it?) and put my hopes of someday writing and managing my own site again on the back burner.

Fast forward to March 2010, when the itch to write about the game and players I love so much was too intense to ignore regardless of who else was going to ever read the words I was putting out into the blogosphere. Colorado Springs Fantasy Baseball Addict was reborn with a renewed passion to make this blog into something people, other than the ones I was going to force to read it again, would find interesting, informative and useful in their pursuit of fantasy baseball immortality.

The 2010 season was filled with a bunch of personal milestones, one being actually blogging throughout the entire season, and proved to myself that I could do this and be relevant AND successful. But I also realized I couldn't take this blog to "another level" alone and have actively been pursuing additional contributors willing to bring their own voices and unique styles of writing to an established, yet continually growing, fan base of loyal readers.

Halfway through the 2011 season and this blog is seeing its greatest leap towards legitimacy within the fantasy baseball community by bringing on additional contributors with great ideas, knowledge and passion for writing about the sport and game they each love.

Being a blog made up of more than one "addict" now, I've decided to drop the full name of Colorado Springs Fantasy Baseball Addict to the simpler acronym of COSFBA. This will be a temporary change lasting through the end of the 2011 season. My goal is to move this entire blog to a more robust platform than Blogger (unless Google's future rebranding of Blogger comes with more features and tools) and relaunch with a new domain name that screams "fantasy baseball blog".

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all of the loyal readers, fellow bloggers, Facebook fans and Twitter followers who've help push me forward along through this journey with words of encouragement and positive feedback. The future looks bright for me, COSFBA and the great new contributors who share in my vision of what fantasy baseball players would consider a valuable resource in their quest towards achieving fantasy baseball immortality.

Daniel J. Aubain @COSFBA
Owner, Founder, Editor, Lead Writer and Mastermind behind all things COSFBA