Monday, November 29, 2010

Enough Already, Yankees!

Just to be clear, COSFBA is a fantasy baseball blog dedicated to news about all players from all teams all the time. Except now. At my core I am a Brooklyn-born die-hard New York Yankees fan but even deeper is my love for the entire game of baseball. But what the Yankees have become (the team everyone loves to hate) is bad for everyone. Unfortunately it's not going to get any better any time soon.

I hate everything about the Yankees trying to sign Cliff Lee especially when the numbers being thrown around are 5yrs/$115M and as high as 7yrs/$175M. UGH! That's a lot of money for a guy that runs it out there just 34 times, at best, during the regular season. Didn't the Yankees make it to the playoffs WITHOUT him and roll right past Minnesota? I'd rather see them throw some incentive-laden contracts at guys like Rich Harden, Brad Penny and Brandon Webb or a much more affordable offer at Jorge de la Rosa.

And while I'm talking pitching, thank you for all you've done for the Yankees, Andy Pettitte, but the game of "will I pitch or will I retire" is getting old. If the desire to pitch only comes with another $15M contract, stay home and enjoy the family you so desperately struggle leaving each year.

Next up, Mariano Rivera. Mo will go down in history as the greatest reliever of all-time. No doubt. And I think the Yankees should bring him back for another year, even with a $15-18M price tag. My question is, "Who's next in line?" Joba Chamberlain will never be the closer in New York. They let Kerry Wood walk. They aren't grooming anyone to be a closer. The bullpen is a mess and all that Cliff Lee money would be much better utilized in shoring up innings six, seven and eight while developing a closer-to-be.

Speaking of Joba, is there a trade market for this poor guy? If so, pull the trigger. Let some other team figure out if he's a starter, reliever or closer. Joe Girardi and the New York media have messed with his head long enough.

Another hole the Yankees need to fill is acquiring an actual catcher (anyone named Molina will do) or allowing Jesus Montero the opportunity to grow into one at the major league level. Thank you Jorge Posada for all you've done for the Yankees but may be one of the worst defensive catchers I've ever seen behind the plate. Play out your last season as a DH/C and go away already.

I know many of you are thinking how can there be an article about the New York Yankees and the words Derek Jeter not appear in the first sentence. Well that's because the Jeter contract negotiations are a complete and utter mess and only getting uglier. Jeter deserves the opportunity to finish out his career as a Yankee, but at a price that makes sense to both parties. If the Yankees truly wanted Jeter to be a life-long Yankee wouldn't they have negotiated an extension before his current contract expired? MAYBE Jeter has a few productive years left in him but it may be time for both sides to agree to disagree and move hard as that is to swallow.

Baseball needs more teams like the San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers in the World Series to prove to fans (and the Yankees) that you can't keep trying to buy championships and that throwing insane amounts of dollars at individual players isn't the only way to try to win. Oh, and while I'm on my soapbox, Major League Baseball needs not only a salary cap but a salary minimum. You can't have millionaires competing with billionaires and expect a level playing field. The overall health of the game is suffering. Just ask a Pittsburgh Pirates' fan.

Speak out, Yankees' fans. At some point enough has to be enough. Remember, it's your hard-earned dollars that pay those outrageous salaries. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I just want everyone to know that I deleted a comment. You have every right to call me an idiot but at least have the balls to put your name.

  2. I don't want the Yankees to sign Lee. I really think that will be a costly move that won't live up to the value it will cost them.

    Since Pettite is only signing one year deals and has been worth the money, I have no problem with his yearly decisions. He says this will be the last though. We'll see.

    I NEED to have Jeter hit his 3000th hit as a Yankee. It will be very painful to see him do it anywhere else.

    Good post

  3. Decidedly NOT a Yankees fan, but I agree about Joba. Poor guy must feel pretty messed up. Don't they know pitching is "90% mental and the other half is physical?"

  4. Remember...I'M the idiot.
    1. Cliff Lee signs elsewhere (whew).
    2. Yanks pursuing Russell Martin.
    3. Got the Derek Jeter contract done fairly.
    4. Mariano got his fair share.
    5. Watch how quickly Pettitte finds his passion for the game again ($$$).