Monday, June 20, 2011

Partnership With DraftStreet Announced

COSFBA is always looking for ways to provide our readers with unique and engaging content and now we've partnered with DraftStreet to introduce you to the latest and greatest in fantasy sports gaming.

Whether the grind of a season long fantasy league has you worn down, you're team is already knocked out of the race, your best player just got injured, or your cruising along and just don't feel like waiting until October for your degenerate friends to pay you out - log on to DraftStreet and experience the future of fantasy sports.

DraftStreet offers daily and weekly leagues, all day - every day, where you can compete in competitions for cash and get paid out that very same night.  Read more about them here: DraftStreet Partnership.

This Friday (6/24), COSFBA will be hosting a free-to-enter $150 giveaway tournament with the top 4 places taking home cash.  We'll have more details on this shortly.  In the meantime, click here to sign up for DraftStreet today and play in their free games to practice so you have the best chance at beating me and our fellow COSFBA enthusiasts to take home some money come Friday's competition.


  1. More details coming soon about an opportunity to try this service for free and still have a chance to win money. Sounds win/win to me!