Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Your League Probably Sucks: The All-Star Break Edition

Hi, my name is Daniel and I'm in a league that sucks. Worst offense...I'm the commissioner.

Each year, fantasy baseball players around the country wonder when ESPN, Yahoo!, CBS and other sites are going open their doors for the business of joining new and exciting fantasy baseball leagues and feeding the addiction many have for joining leagues they truly have no interest in participating in beyond the live draft or auction.

Over the years I've dwindled down the number of leagues I've run/joined to just a handful because I found myself falling into the trap of joining for the sake of joining and losing interest as the long season grinded along. I've also gotten to a place where I have the ability to hand-pick most of the owners I invite into the precious few leagues which I am the commissioner. And now, this season, there's no one to blame for a league that already sucks other than myself. Oh, and the crappy owners I personally invited.

There are some things I expect in this world; death, taxes, political strife, the Chicago Cubs sucking. I never expected a league full of baseball bloggers to suck as much as it has and how quickly the sucking started to take place. And, now, here we sit at the All-Star break and I can barely bring myself to make eye contact with this league.

The league in question is a 14-team, head-to-head, daily changes, deep mixed league with a five-transaction limit per week. Eight of the 14 teams have a sub-.500 winning percentage while none of the bottom five teams have yet to crack ten total transactions for the entire season. Lest I remind you, this league is made up of 12 baseball bloggers, a Tweetaholic social media guy with his own blog and an average Joe fan.

The handful of teams I've deemed worthy participants (yes, I have the right to do so) shall pay for the sins of the others over the next couple of months until the playoffs begin. The inactivity of a few will continue to cause an imbalance in the league for all members. I looked over the schedule and the top team in the league plays a majority of their schedule against the least active teams while those of us chasing him will be battling it out against each other.

For those of you who respond to these "Your League Probably Sucks" articles with how you can relate to the things I continue to point out, I feel your pain, too. On a very personal level. Oh, and one more thing. Don't you dare ask me about "keepers" for NEXT YEAR when you've barely participated in the league THIS YEAR. Hate to break up with you in a blog post but there won't BE a next year. It's not you. It's me. Not really. It's always been your fault. Accept responsibility already.


  1. as a part of an intense keeper league, we have kicked out anyone who doesnt check regularly. we have a waiting list to get into our league so that makes everyone check so they dont get kicked out

  2. Unfortunately I've been "Average Joe Fan that loses track of checking in". Of course, military and school requirements and such kind of contributed to that.

    Ahh, the life of a... Whatever the Hell I am. :P I'm sure I've pissed off many an ESPN and Yahoo League Commish with my no-showedness.

    So... Sorry for that, on behalf of the other crazies like me. But I'll speak for myself and say one of these days I'll be better! Promise!