Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boston Red Sox: DOs and DON'Ts

  • DO expect continued top 25 value from OF Jacoby Ellsbury. His 100 runs, 70 stolen bases and .300 average are what you're paying for.
  • DON'T be a hater! I'm a Yankees fan but you can't deny the value Red Sox players have to fantasy bsaeball. If you refuse to draft players because of your personal feelings about the team, you've probably never been successful in this game.
  • DO realize 2B Dustin Pedroia is the 4th second baseman being taken before the 3rd round is even over. If you value what he brings from that position (100+ Runs, 15-20 HRs, 70 RBI, 20 SBs, .300 BA), grab him.
  • DON'T listen to experts that say "never pay for saves". If you are willing to pay for saves, CL Jonathan Papelbon is a lock to get you the 40 Saves, 10 K/9, with ERA and WHIP numbers that will help more than hurt your team.
  • DO draft 1B/3B Kevin Youkilis as a third basemen because this may be the last season he qualifies there.
  • DON'T fool yourself into thinking OF J.D. Drew won't get injured and miss significant time this season. But expect good numbers for the time he's on the field (450 ABs, 20 HRs, .280 BA).
  • DO like what C Victor Martinez is capable of doing for a full season in Boston. He hit .336 in 56 games in 2009.
  • DON'T be surprised if SP John Lackey's numbers take a dip now that he's in the tougher AL East.
  • DO you think SP Jon Lester or SP Josh Beckett will have better numbers in 2010? Each will cost you at least a 4th round pick. (My money is on Lester).
  • DON'T forget about SP Daisuke Matsuzaka. He won 18 games in 2008 and reports are that he's healthy again after leaving it all at the World Baseball Classic in 2009.
  • DO take a chance that DH David Ortiz and 3B Adrain Beltre bounce back after disappointing, injury-ridden 2009. Each will cost you about a 13th round pick (or later).
Players I'd be willing to use a late-round pick on:
  • SS Marco Scutaro (As a MI, 10+ HRs, 10+ SBs, .280+ BA)
  • RP Daniel Bard (Holds, 11+ K/9)
  • SP Clay Buchholz (Double-digit Wins, great ratios)

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