Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fantasy Forum: 06/13/2010 defines regret as "to feel sorrow or remorse for".
And to quote the immortal Frank Sinatra, "Regrets? I've had a few..."

This edition of Fantasy Forum asks what regrets have you had so far this season? Poor draft pick? Unfortunate keeper? Bailed too soon on a gamble? Pulled the trigger too late on a waiver claim?

Looking back at a draft I had, I found two regrets. I drafted Raul Ibanez as my third outfielder with the 106th pick in the 8th round. I've never been a fan and knew last year's stats were a fluke but I panicked and made the selection. With my last pick (30th round, 414th pick), I drafted Jose Bautista. I promptly dropped him a few days later for David Robertson. The regret comes knowing I missed out on 18 home runs and 45 RBI since then.

I'm sure I'll find more regrets as I look through each of my four teams but I'm very interested in hearing yours.

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  1. I traded away both papelbon and broxton when autodraft gave me both.
    enough said.

  2. No regrets only underachievers Reynolds, Aramis Ramirez, Peavy, Beckett, Hoffman, Kemp, Utley, J. Upton, Fielder, Hill to name a few

  3. I regret listening to the sabermetric "gurus" who assured me that Ricky Nolasco and Gavin Floyd were headed for breakout seasons. I've never been one to rely so heavily on the numbers, but with FIP being all the rage, I put my trust into the numbers and the opinions that said "turnaround year". I even plugged the use of FIP on my site and I'm starting to wish I never deviated from my original plans.

  4. Ugh. Knowing that I wanted Cano instead I went against my instinct, heart and mind and grabbed B Roberts. Would have been better off with Bip Roberts.